G-Series for CGA580


Quick Connectors for Filling Inert Gases!

FasTest's G-Series compressed gas filling connectors provide a simple no twist, no turn approach to filling. The bail handle models connect and lock into place with an easy, ergonomic forward movement of the handle.  The sleeve actuated models offer a simple push to connect actuation to valved threads.  These instant connections allow you to begin the filling process in seconds!

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G-Series for CGA580

CGA 580 Connector now with SMART Technology!

FasTest's premium CGA 580 connectors are now available with FasTest's revolutionary SMART Technology! FasTest's SMART Technology provides operators with an instant, visual verification that a connection has been made, making the filling process safer and more efficient.

  • The green light on the connector provides instant feedback when a positive connection has been made
  • SMART Technology is easily integrated into automated or manual filling processes


  • Available with rigid or flexible bail handles, lever handles or sleeve actuation options!
  • Eliminate hand tightening and improve productivity
  • Simple, safe connections for high volume filling