EZ Connect - ZF


Wide Tolerance Quick Connector for Formed Tubes
EZ Connect ZF™ is the newest quick connector in the EZ Connect Series and is designed to provide instant connections to a wide range of formed tube configurations for in-process testing.

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EZ Connect - ZF

Product sheet with dimensions and specifications

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The EZ Connect ZF™ is the industry leading leak test solution for applications including:

  • Engines and manifolds
  • Radiators and reservoirs
  • Castings
  • Small appliances
  • Lawn and garden products
  • Plastic barbed tubes


  • Wide tolerance seal design provides fit to a range of tube diameters
  • Lightweight aluminum body puts less strain on operator
  • Finger grooves create an intuitive one-hand operation
  • Auto-aligning connector reduces connection failures
  • Color coded handles help operator identify correct connector
  • Fit in tight placements providing improved fixture possibilities
  • Patent pending design