High Purity G-Series


New High Purity G-Series for specialty gas cylinder filling

Many compressed gas facilities have a difficult time keeping up with specialty gas demand due to leaky and slow twist-on fittings.

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High Purity G-Series

Quick Connectors

Previously, quick connectors would not hold a leak-tight seal under extreme vacuum levels used during the high purity filling process - preventing plants from maximizing specialty gas revenue.

The new HPG580 quick connection tool is the ideal choice for specialty gas cylinder filling.


  • Re-designed internal geometry improves vacuum rating to reliably fill high purity gas cylinders
  • Change out cylinders 90% faster than twist-on fittings
  • Increase output of high purity cylinders at 99.9999% purity, six 9’s
  • 1x10-9 sccm helium leak rate maintains seal under vacuum down to 30 micron