MBE / MRE Series


Connections to Expanded Tubes/CoreMax Valves

The MBE Series (Ball Grip) and MRE Series (Ring Grip) for expanded tubes make reliable, leak tight connections for vacuum or pressure applications up to 625 psi.  These high flow connectors are ideal applications such as run testing, helium leak testing, proof testing, pressure decay and other related processes.  The sliding sleeve locks when pressurized to make safe secure instant connections with no operator adjustment.

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MBE / MRE Series

The MBE Connector for CoreMax Valves 

This versatile, high flow, valved connector is used at production stations with or without the CoreMax valve installed.  The MBE grips onto the seat and the test pressure interlocks to prevent sleeve actuation under pressure.  With the CoreMax valve core installed, the MBE is used primarily at the evacuation station to reduce evacuation times.  When the CoreMax valve core is not installed the, MBE is used for burst and pressure testing.