Yoke Style Connectors for Medical Oxygen Filling - CGA 870 & 950!

The MediMate connectors for medical oxygen applications deliver a simple alternative with a no twist, no turn approach to filling. Simply connect to the CGA 870 valve and lock into place with the actuator lever and you are ready to fill in seconds.

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MediMate Connector

The durable materials and design maximize product performance and service life.  Each MediMate is supplied with a straight-flow 180 degree termination port.  The elastomer compound used is based upon industry approval and performance characteristics for the application.


  • Aluminum or brass body with Delrin handle and Stainless Steel actuator piston
  • Brass wetted components
  • FDA grade Viton elastomer seals
  • Cleaned for O2 service
  • Fast refurbishment or replacement program