SnapMate Service - High Flow Service Connector 
The SnapMate Service connectors are designed to provide quick connections to CoreMax Valve Cores as well as standard access valves. The Collets grip on the threads and are specifically designed for the Service Industry by providing quick and easy connections to all 7/16-20, 45˚ flare access valves. Used by HVAC service technicians to evacuate and charge refrigerant during field servicing.

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SnapMate OEM - A Versatile, High Flow, Internally Valved Connector for CoreMax 

The SnapMate OEM is a sleeve operated connector designed to connect to the CoreMax valve in a production environment. The connector grips at the base of the CoreMax valve to prevent damage to the valve threads. The SnapMate is internally valved and automatically opens flow on connection and closes when disconnected.