The TwistMate transition connector series are designed for adapting thread sizes or genders to meet the variety of connections frequently needed by metrology labs for instrument calibration applications.

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Transition With TwistMate

The quick adapters provide leak tight connections on flow calibration benches without the use of tape or wrenches. TwistMate's unique "twist to connect" and pressure assisted grip and seal is simple to use. Turn finger-tight onto thread until face seal makes contact to the next adapter or test piece. TwistMate will automatically seal when the system is pressurized with air, gas or hydraulic pressure and maintains the seal with minimum pressure.


  • Flow bench styles provide incremental steps from AN 32 down to AN 4
  • Instant connections eliminate tape, sealants and wrenches
  • Reduces potential of damaging expensive tube style flow transmitters
  • Field replaceable seals available in various materials